On-Site Meals

Enjoy a relaxing day at the ReV Line Park with on-site food available for purchase through Circuit of The America's fully-staffed catering company. For a complete list of food and beverage packages available or to place an order, please call 512-655-6226. Orders must be placed prior to check-in.

Local Food

Maybe you'd like to explore the local flavors of Austin? Austin has some of the most award-winning restaurants and boasts a local, culinary scene that is second-to-none. Here are a few renowned, mouth-watering local favorites that are in close proximity to the ReV Line Park:

  • Franklin Barbecue - Distance to COTA: 14.7 miles
  • Terry Black‚Äôs Barbecue - distance to COTA: 17.8 miles
  • Comedor - distance to COTA: 13.6 miles
  • Vaquero Taquero - distance to COTA: 15.0 miles
  • Mum Foods Deli - distance to COTA: 15.2 miles
  • Suerte - distance to COTA: 13.8 miles
  • Lamberts - distance to COTA: 18.0 miles
  • Kerlin BBQ - distance to COTA: 13.8 miles
  • Leroy and Lewis Barbecue - distance to COTA: 15.2 miles
  • Valentina‚Äôs Tex Mex - distance to COTA: 15.1 miles